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3 Common Influencer Marketing Myths: Let’s Debunk Them

These myths probably keep you from experiencing the full advantage of influencer marketing. Average people are not the only ones who are gullible. Even professionals are susceptible to fallacies and myths. We at expaus have talked to cynics, and they usually have three things in mind that keep them from dipping their toes in the water. While these myths seem reasonable at face value, they’re spurious at closer inspection. Well, let’s look at them.

Myth 1: Influencers with the most followers are the way to go.


Wrong! The mistake is to think that the right ambassadors or advocates are those with a hundred thousand followers as opposed to those with twenty-five thousand. Not in all cases. The number of followers a key person has may be indicative of his relevance and influence, but there are other factors.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the behavior of people on social media. We follow people and at some point we stop caring about them. Why is that so? Maybe their recent posts no longer resonate with us. Maybe they’ve become less active, and their followers grew indifferent.

Choosing an influencer based on their number of followers is poor targeting. You want someone relevant in your niche and remains to engage their audience.

Myth 2: It’s expensive.


The cost of influencer marketing puts off many from trying it out. The truth is, it doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s true that any marketing venture demands money. After all, it’s not like you can get away with anything for free. But many critics have dismissed influencers as people who charge high rates for you to capitalize on their influence. That is simply inaccurate.

Compensating influencers happens in several ways. You can give them samples of your products. You can offer them a free service in return for the favors they will do for you. You can give them a plug or feature them on your own blog, website, or Instagram. It’s not always about giving them huge sums of money like you would do for an advertiser.

The most important aspect of influencer marketing is not compensation but connection. If you have to invest in something, it’s the connection with the people who can help your business grow. And that is true in many aspects of business and marketing.

Myth 3: It’s quick and easy.

It’s not utterly impossible. It’s not also ridiculously difficult. But that doesn’t mean you can give it a nudge, and your business will fly just like that. That’s unreasonably optimistic. Nothing that gives awesome results is ever too easy. If you want to succeed, you need to roll up your sleeves and prepare to do the hard work.

Finding the right influencer is a tricky business, sometimes even a hit-and-miss approach. Inspiring them to write engaging content and share it is another challenge. Keeping them is harder. You need to keep things in check and monitor your progress.