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3 Things Your Marketing Team Needs to Do This Year

Marketing is a competitive industry that is fast evolving. The evolution of digital technology forces marketers to adapt to changes in how the web works and how people are accessing it. It’s not only the technology that evolves but also its users. We’ve seen key changes that forced businesses to tread new territories, and in many instances that necessitates new skills and talent.

Here are three things we think you need to do this year for your business.

Find Influencers


Most brands don’t hire celebrity endorsers because they cannot afford the huge costs of celebrity endorsements, which are becoming less relevant anyway. We’ve said several times that people are deaf to ads featuring celebrities.

As influencers are gaining more prominence in the marketing sphere, getting them to talk about your brand is a smart move. Survey the social media for bloggers, Facebook or Instagram users with large following, YouTube stars who regularly post content, and people on different social media platforms who are popular.

If you have an influencer marketer, their job is to build a relationship with social media influencers. Once they have built that relationship, they have to keep it while looking for other influencers at the same time. The goal is to increase your following and brand awareness.

Do Website Maintenance


Your websites need periodic maintenance, tuneup, and update for a number of important reasons. Every now and then someone needs to see if your website is performing just fine. Are the pages loading fast? Are they optimized for mobile devices? Is it easy to navigate between pages on your site? These are things that can be improved by a web designer.

Website maintenance may also involve fine-tuning your website for SEO purposes. Google, the most popular search engine, updates its algorithms from time to time, and your website needs to keep abreast of such key changes. Updating and optimizing your content for better SERPs rankings is just as important as making your website user-friendly.

With tight competition, you have to do all possible measures to be able to keep your audience on your website as long as possible. People who click away because of long loading time or bad navigation system don’t become your customers.

Live Stream Video


Live streaming was only available to celebrities until social media sites started allowing users to stream video. It used to be a form of entertainment for many people. For a few others, live streaming was their way of expressing themselves. But businesses have leveraged live video after learning it engages audience in real time. Covering events live should be planned and executed well. You need to have a purpose. Random live events that have nothing to do with your brand and bring no value to your audience can hurt your reputation.