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4 Biggest Misconceptions Marketers Have about Instagram


The exponential growth of Instagram means a boon for those who rely on the site for marketing. But there are people who still don’t understand what this photo- and video-sharing site is for and how it can help them make their brands fly.

Instagram isn’t for all brands

Some companies opt out of Instagram because they think it’s only for certain products. You’re probably thinking about cosmetics, apparels, or gadgets. But who said you can’t post pictures about your laundry service or locksmith shop?

The truth is, you can post anything other than your products. After all, people don’t like you to just bombard them with photos of your merchandise. Instagrammers don’t care much about brands, unless they find anything useful about them. We think they like to see fun stuff, like short conversations, memes, parties, and games.

In other words, yes, Instagram doesn’t choose brands. It’s not just for big brands.

It’s just for photos

The biggest misconception about Instagram is it’s only for photos. In fact, it’s also for other things, like videos, infographics, gifs, and fun memes. People post a lot of things on the social site. Just scroll down on your feed quickly, and you’ll see a variety of media.

So what does that mean for your brand? Well, you can post photos of your new merchandise. You can create how-to illustrations. You can create a short demo clip. You can post an announcement of an upcoming event. You can do a lot of things, and the key is being creative.

It’s impossible to know if it works

Social media marketing is always measurable. We mean, you can assess whether it works or not. Better yet, you can evaluate which among your efforts are working and which are not. We at Expaus have tools that can track the health of your Instagram marketing campaign. We have analytics that can determine engagement and trends. Seeing these factors helps you streamline your marketing tactics and reach your target audience more effectively.

It’s just for selfies

No one cares about Instagram for business, right? That’s the first impression of many people. The opposite is true, though. Entrepreneurs have known the value of Instagram and have actually launched their own brands on the site. It’s not just for selfies, although a bulk of users actually use it for selfies. There are more stuff on the site than snapshots of faces and smiles. If you look harder enough, you will find major companies, national organizations, art groups, and influencers using the site to spread awareness and information about many things.