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5 Mistakes That Kill Your Social Media Presence

You can’t market your business without utilizing social media. Even if you’re a huge company with many branches across the country, you need to invest your social media marketing campaign. In fact, we think you already have.

Being on social media has perks as well as responsibilities. If you’re doing things right and avoiding these common mistakes, you can rest assured your brand will be doing just fine.

1. Posting crude rants


We all go through bad stuff once in a while. Maybe you had a heated argument with your spouse. Maybe you suddenly want to vent your ire about a politician. Or perhaps you had a rude customer. But before you post your rant about these things, think about how your followers would feel. Some may understand you, but the others will be put off. Most of us don’t like seeing rants online. Keep your posts professional and friendly.

2. Criticizing your competitors


This is an absolute no-no! You don’t know how many of your followers or fans are also supporters of your competitors. Who said customers only patronize one brand? In reality, people are using more than one brand at the same time. Just because they’re your competitors doesn’t mean it’s right to criticize them.

3. Paying for followers



We understand some of you are too eager to establish your presence online. It’s too tempting to buy followers. It’s also cheap. But having five thousand more followers overnight doesn’t say much. Bought followers didn’t come to your page naturally. They aren’t organic followers. There is zero chance of them converting to customers. A bulk of them are fake accounts anyway. So what’s the point?

4. Ignoring your followers


We know how hard it is to respond to every comment and every message in your inbox. But here’s the catch: we hate it when people don’t respond. You probably feel bad when someone doesn’t respond, especially when you know you’ve raised an important point or asked a crucial question. Followers feel good when you respond to them, so make it a point to respond to as many comments and questions as possible. Hire a social media manager if you can’t handle the bulk of the messages.

5. Not updating


Your visibility suffers when you go silent for weeks. You might be surprised to find zero audience when you come back. Social media is a fast-paced world. Update your LinkedIn and Facebook pages once a day. Twitter loves multiple tweets a day. Instagram celebrities post snapshots or clips more than once a day. Make a commitment to update your social media channels every day! Or your followers will forget about you.