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6 Growth Strategies to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

It’s harder to convince customers now than a decade ago. They’re more cynical. They trust advertisements less than they used to, and you can blame false promises, lies advertisers tell customers that never get delivered. Customers know the scheme and are tired of it.

Hence, marketers have devised more ways to gain the attention of wary consumers. One of the ways to do this is to make influencers do the work. Influencers are people with substantial following and trusted voices. But getting to them follows smart strategies.


  1. Identify the influencers. Just because someone has a huge following doesn’t always mean they have remarkable influence over their followers. Sometimes other factors, like the reputation of that person and their interaction with their followers, matter. The pivotal keyword here is influence. It doesn’t matter whether you’re connecting with people with a thousand or fifty thousand people in their network. If the former have greater influence on one thousand people, they are more effective in your campaign than the latter.

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  1. Build trust. An important reason influencer marketing works is it farms out trust from you to your influencer. Your target audience doesn’t have to trust what you say or what your product says what it does. They just have to trust your influencers. In fact, you can actually think of influencer marketing as a new and powerful version of word-of-mouth marketing.

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  1. Make campaigns mobile-friendly. Most people check out stuff on their mobile phones. The bigger screens of today’s smartphones allow for research, social media interaction, and even marketing. Indeed, these handy innovations have revolutionized the way we do things. So it makes sense to create influencer campaigns that look good on mobile phones. Content should be readable for people on the bus or train or sidewalks checking out their phones or tablets.


  1. Engage influencers to upload personal stories. If you think the best way to convince people is by showing them empirical evidence that your product or service works, you’re wrong. Most people are emotional creatures, and they are moved by personal stories. Personal success stories can convince your target audience faster than product demos and statistics or graphs. These personal accounts don’t need to be long. A 3-minute testimonial uploaded on YouTube should be good, as people don’t have long attention spans.


  1. Be consistent. Marketing is in most cases a lifelong process. For as long as you intend to keep your business abreast with the competition, you have to be an aggressive marketer. Keep producing new content. Keep your influencers working for you as you expand your influence and build your network of influencers and strengthen your market.

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  1. Build relationships. The best way to solidify connections is to build organic relationships. We build relationships with people we trust. Hence, building trust is always first in the marketing game. Once you have built solid relationships with them, you won’t be working too hard making them work for your brand.


The effectiveness of influencer marketing is a tested fact. It entails hard work in the beginning, but this hard work pays off with results when done right.