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6 Reasons Your Brand Should Be on Instagram

Nothing offers more personal and visual social media experience than Instagram. It’s done what other social sites have just started incorporating into their menu. People would rather look at photos or watch videos than read a plain status message or tweet. These types of media represent brands quickly and visually. That’s the reason why a lot of brands are on Instagram. That’s why yours should be there, too!

Here are more reasons why you should invest in Instagram marketing.

1. Most people have smartphones


Phones have evolved from handsets used only for texting and calling to gadgets that can take pictures and videos and surf the internet. Big screens, bigger data storage cards, and improving digital technology make phones handy and versatile. And Instagram has catered to mobile phone users.

2. More people are going mobile


Technology may seem to be keeping people indoors. But that’s an inaccurate picture. The truth is, technology has allowed people to be more mobile. How? Phones don’t keep people indoors. It’s the people who keep their phones with them wherever they go. Smartphones and tablets allow people to go out and share every moment of their lives. If they’re always mobile and online, it makes sense to put your brand that way.

3. Instagram has no content-blocking feature


You actually have to unfollow someone if you don’t like seeing their posts. There is no hiding feature for individual posts on Instagram. That works for brand advocates on the social site, because they can guarantee that their followers will see their posts. The drawback, however, is that your followers can unfollow you if you frequently post content they dislike. So be mindful about what you post. Monitor posts with good engagement and posts with fewer likes and comments. In addition, look at posts with a substantial amount of bad feedback.

4. Instagram has better engagement than Facebook


Experts agree that sites like Facebook and Twitter are aging. Sure, Facebook has more users. About 7 in every 10 adults have Facebook accounts. However, a lot of them are not active. Instagram has a higher percentage of active users and higher user engagement rate. In fact, an average person is 58 times more likely to like, comment on, or share a post on Instagram than on Facebook.

5. You can build your brand’s image


You need to build your brand’s image in different ways. You can write a blog about it. Or you can post photos and clips about it. People are more likely to pay attention to photos and videos than to textual content. Why describe your products when you can post photos of them on Instagram? Why write a how-to guide when you can give a demo clip? After a while, all your content will give people a collective image of what you are and what you’re offering.

6. You can build a personal connection with your audience


Instagram at its core is very personal. At first, it’s designed for people to share their lives. Then businesses came in and developed their customized approaches in reaching their target audiences. You can record thank-you clips. You can feature a follower. You can let them see how your brand has affected your own life. Don’t make things too commercial. Be friendly. Be human.