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Advertising Is All about Choosing the Right Words


Didn’t we make that obvious? Much of advertising has to do with how you talk to people. If you want to gain positive impression you have to use the right words. You have to say things people want to hear and keep the cliché away. There are words that will motivate your potential customers as well as words that will turn them off.

A lot us like freebies, great deals, promos, and bargains. Who doesn’t? If you’re selling stuff and you like to attract consumers, put free gifts and discounts out there in huge prints.


1. Free ̶ Who doesn’t like anything free? Anyone will take anything that’s free. What do they have to lose? This is why companies launch products with free samples to turn satisfied people into buyers.
2. New ̶ Nothing generates more buzz than new products. People will try new stuff to find out what sets it apart from what’s already out there.
3. Discount ̶ Who doesn’t love discounts? We tend to huddle around items on our wish list when their prices are knocked down.
4. Buy one, take one ̶ This works just like discounts. People think it’s cool to get a free item for every item bought.
5. Best sellers ̶ This inspires curiosity. Customers tend to wonder why particular items are selling like pancakes. There’s only one way to satisfy the curiosity.

Another way to get people’s attention is by appealing to their trust. In today’s advertising climate, where the competition is tight, people are already cynical. They want more than just promises. They need facts.


1. Safe and effective ̶ Make sure these come with research. People may not trust your claims until you show scientific basis.
2. Approved ̶ Show that your product went through strict quality inspection. Show approval seal. This is necessary for products like food, supplements, or cosmetics.
3. Verified ̶ We trust products whose effectiveness are verified by experts and customers.

You can also attract consumers by invoking a sense of urgency. Certain words can stop them and make them think about purchasing, and that’s a good thing.


1. Now! ̶ The sense of urgency is strong. It’s like telling potential customers they’ll miss something good if they don’t act now.
2. Fast ̶ It’s just like saying act now. It gives customers images of people gathering around a treat that they, too, must have.
3. Limited Offer ̶ It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a new brand of ice cream or a special spa service package. People will definitely come and try something they know is only available within a specific duration.
4. Promo lasts until ̶ Good deals have to end.
5. Last chance ̶ Watch the sales of a product skyrocket on the last day of a promo.