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Are You Working with Your Influencers? Here Are Some Tips


We’ve talked about the value of influencers in marketing. They’re the new advertisers, although they may frown upon such a regard. Needless to say, they have changed the way we do business.

Many companies come to us for ideas regarding influencer marketing. They have no idea how to deal with their social media partners. How do you make partnerships with them without rubbing them the wrong way?

Allow them creative freedom

Social media influencers are independent creatures. If you notice, they have their own voice. They have their own personality. They conduct themselves the way they deem appropriate to their audience. That’s something you shouldn’t touch. The last thing an independent person on Instagram or Twitter wants is you telling them what to do. Make suggestions, but don’t impose your suggestions. They can quickly say, “just go pay a marketer,” especially if they’re not on your payroll.

Choose who you’ll spend more time engaging with

Not all influencers are created equal. Not all of them have the same passion for your brand. Some are more willing to represent your brand. Others may only mention your message in passing. Spend more time with people who wish to invest their energy and time in your brand. Make friends with them. Treat them like your close pals. Give them a shoutout on your posts.

Ask them to start contests, and be the sponsor

This works for everyone: you, your influencer, and their audience. Contests create a buzz. People will be wondering what this brand is and why it’s having a contest. They will also give it more attention, which your influencer will like. Consumers like prizes. You’re probably sacrificing some of your products for this buzz, but people will be talking about you and checking out your brand.

Ask them what they need

Sometimes the best way to work with people who are helping your business grow is to determine what they need to make them more effective in campaigning for your brand. Do they need demos? Do they need items they can show their audience? Do they need key information about your product?

Give them freebies

People love freebies. Free samples of your products can serve as rewards that will motivate them to continue being your brand advocates. They also serve as compensation or gifts. Who doesn’t love gifts?

Thank them

Be generous in expressing gratitude. It doesn’t only build stronger connections. It also gives you a positive reputation. Their audience will think you’re warm and friendly and will be more likely to check out your brand themselves. There are different ways to thank your influencers, advocates, and ambassadors. You can tag them in a heartwarming post or video.