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What Small Businesses Should Do in 2017

Whether you’re a new small business owner or an old entrepreneur, keeping track of the trend is good for your endeavor. Trends are transient. They don’t last. That has at least two implications. One, what works today may not work in the future. Two, what attracts people today is what works today. Think about these […]

The Future of Marketing

Marketing is an evolving field. You’re in doubt? Ask chief marketing officers. Or maybe just observe what companies are doing. If you’ve kept a track on what they’ve been doing since, say, 2010, you’d see key changes. That means what we’re doing today isn’t going to be what we will do in the future. What […]

Tips for Effective Video Marketing in 2017

Video accounts for 70% of consumer traffic in 2015, and trends show that video is only going to draw more traffic (82% by 2020 as Cisco Systems predicts). Social media sites have seen the trend and jumped on the bandwagon. Facebook, for instance, eyes the future of social media that teems with video. The power […]

Social Media Popularity Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Influence

Have you seen Facebook pages with over a million likes, but only have a few hundred likes on their posts and only ten or so comments? Then you see people with only a hundred thousand followers, but have tons of likes and comments on their posts. What’s happening here? We’re seeing the misconception that a […]

Influencer Marketing 101: Drop Your Ego, Boost Theirs

  Egotistic marketers love to talk about themselves, their achievements, and their brand. It quickly gets annoying. Instead of attracting customers, you’re actually driving them away with all the “me” campaign that quickly becomes nauseating. If you want to stroke someone’s ego, it should be your audience’s or your influencer’s ego. You’re probably asking why […]

How Social Media Changed Our Buying Behavior

That’s why companies should change the way they sell! If this were the early 20th century, when competition was low and marketing was straightforward, companies would just bring themselves to customers through newspapers, radio, and word-of-mouth communication. But that was one century ago. Advancing technology and rising competition drastically changed the way we sell brands. Companies […]

News: Content Is Still King!

When search engine optimization was hot, everyone said content was king. Who cared if you had thousands of sites linking to your website or if you were on the first page of SERPs if your content was crap? No one! You would only annoy casual visitors. That was why Google rolled in their updates. Still […]

5 Things in Store for Digital Marketing in 2017

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones have revolutionized marketing. The digital sphere is fast evolving in diverse ways. As hardware and software continue to evolve, the digital world is only becoming more capable of handling complex interactions faster and easier. This development has implications on marketing. In the coming years, digital technology will continue to play a […]

Advertising Is All about Choosing the Right Words

Didn’t we make that obvious? Much of advertising has to do with how you talk to people. If you want to gain positive impression you have to use the right words. You have to say things people want to hear and keep the cliché away. There are words that will motivate your potential customers as […]

5 Tips for Digital Marketing on Low Budget

Starting a business is one thing. Marketing it is another. A lot of people we’ve talked to had no idea how to go about marketing after spending most of their money putting up their business. Lack of funds for marketing isn’t necessarily a disaster. One: Create your social media pages. Back in the day, we […]