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5 Ways to Botch Online Marketing

Selling your products and services online is more difficult than selling them the traditional way for a number of reasons. There are different ways to fail and waste your resources. Small entrepreneurs, especially those handling their own marketing, are particularly susceptible to these mistakes. You invest more time in SEO than in writing good content. […]

Digital Marketing Fiascos to Avoid

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all types of marketing involving digital technology and media. Just like all forms of marketing, it requires study, observation, monitoring, and evolution. Marketing, whether traditional or digital, is a huge challenge. There is no single set of strategies that works for all, and it is this difficulty that […]

5 Truths Social Media Influencers Know

  We at expaus love to answer queries from concerned entrepreneurs and small business owners. We want you to learn the good stuff. So, we’ll talk a bit about what influencers have discovered. 1. It takes time to build popularity. You can’t become popular overnight, not even in a week. If popularity is your goal […]

4 Biggest Misconceptions Marketers Have about Instagram

The exponential growth of Instagram means a boon for those who rely on the site for marketing. But there are people who still don’t understand what this photo- and video-sharing site is for and how it can help them make their brands fly. Instagram isn’t for all brands Some companies opt out of Instagram because […]

6 Reasons Your Brand Should Be on Instagram

Nothing offers more personal and visual social media experience than Instagram. It’s done what other social sites have just started incorporating into their menu. People would rather look at photos or watch videos than read a plain status message or tweet. These types of media represent brands quickly and visually. That’s the reason why a […]

Quit Doing These 5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes

Most of the people in your town has smartphones, and most people with smartphones have Instagram. It makes sense to put your brand on Instagram. But like any social media marketing approach, it’s easy to make the following mistakes. Undefined Goals The future of your business depends on your goals. What you want to achieve […]

Just why is Instagram so popular?

Instagram would not have had 500 million users if it were not popular. Let’s admit it. It’s one of the hottest social media sites today. If you’re wondering, read on. 1. It’s social We’re humans and we love what humans do best, socialize! At its core, Instagram is a social site. Yes, we post photos, […]

How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

Instagram has become a staple platform for most marketers, especially social media marketers. It’s like a crowded room filled with 500 million users. That’s a huge pool of audience. Of course, you’re not going to market to everyone there, but getting even a small fraction of those users, especially those in your country or community […]

Are You Working with Your Influencers? Here Are Some Tips

We’ve talked about the value of influencers in marketing. They’re the new advertisers, although they may frown upon such a regard. Needless to say, they have changed the way we do business. Many companies come to us for ideas regarding influencer marketing. They have no idea how to deal with their social media partners. How […]

5 Mistakes That Kill Your Social Media Presence

You can’t market your business without utilizing social media. Even if you’re a huge company with many branches across the country, you need to invest your social media marketing campaign. In fact, we think you already have. Being on social media has perks as well as responsibilities. If you’re doing things right and avoiding these […]