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Are You Considering Working with Influencers? Here’s What You Need to Know

In essence, influencer marketing is building relationships with key people on social media. These key people have the potential to build audience awareness of your brand and help you market your business on popular platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The major difference between influencer marketing and advertising is that it focuses on individuals instead […]

Exploit the Power of Influencer Marketing in 5 Ways

The importance of social media in shaping the perception of people continues to increase. It’s a telltale sign that it’ll still be a prominent aspect of people’s lives. That’s a good prognosis for influencer marketing, whose core is essentially organic influence on social media. Knowing that, you should consider different ways of putting this strategy […]

So You’ve Found Your Influencers, Now What?

Looking for the right influencers is tough. Keeping them is harder. And making them work for you is a serious challenge. Get these things right, and your influencer marketing strategy will definitely fly. Screw things up, and you’ll be wasting your efforts. Encourage them to talk about your brand Happy customers can become your influencers. […]

Your Brand Needs Influencers, and Here’s Why

expaus has been helping newcomers in marketing increase their chances at success by introducing influencer marketing. This form of marketing is quite vague and intriguing for people who are new to it. So allow us to make a bit of an overview. For the most part, it’s finding key people who have huge following and […]

Getting to Know the Different Types of Brand Influencers

Bloggers, key professionals, social media connoisseurs, and celebrities make up today’s most influential people on social media. Social media sites are where people flock to these days. In fact, everyone spends much of their waking time on Facebook or Instagram. These are places where life for most of the millennials happen. So that’s where we […]

5 Reasons Influencer Marketing Is the Big Trend

The explosion of the popularity of social media has given so many business owners a chance to be heard amid the loud noise of the huge corporations relying on traditional advertising. Visibility on commonly used platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube revolutionized marketing. In fact, they revolutionized the way we do business in general. […]

Influencer Marketing Pros and Cons

  Influencer marketing capitalizes on influence, which in today’s case is measured through audience reach and relationship. The best brand influencers are those with sizable following, expertise, and marked influence on their followers. But does relying on influencers actually work? Let’s look at the benefits and downsides. Pros The concept is easy to understand. You […]

What Is Influencer Marketing?

As expaus connects brands and influencers, the glaring question is what influencer marketing is. It seems another jargon in town, but the truth is it’s an old strategy, one that keeps putting a new hat as things in the marketing world change. And things are changing swiftly. Let’s understand the basics. Influencer marketing can be […]

6 Growth Strategies to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

It’s harder to convince customers now than a decade ago. They’re more cynical. They trust advertisements less than they used to, and you can blame false promises, lies advertisers tell customers that never get delivered. Customers know the scheme and are tired of it. Hence, marketers have devised more ways to gain the attention of […]

How to Execute an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy in 2017

Influencer marketing may seem new, especially because it now heavily entails social media usage. The truth is, it has been around for decades. We don’t know exactly when it began. But what we know is that as early as mid-1900s the influence of opinion leaders in shaping how people think has been recognized. And getting […]