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Are Your Fake Followers Sabotaging Influencer Marketing?

According to a CNN estimate, about 83 million Facebook accounts are fake. Twitter has about 20 million dummy accounts. According to a group of Italian security researchers, 8% of Instagram users are spam bots. Now these may not be outstanding figures with respect to the total number of social media users out there, but for […]

7 Signs You Need to Start Implementing Influencer Marketing

Some companies think that influencer marketing is a trip to the wilderness. You don’t know what’s in there. Or so that’s what cynics say. The common complaint is that you can’t really assess whether it works because there is no standard gauge that allows us to evaluate its effectiveness. That, however, is no longer true. […]

How Influencer Marketing Makes Your Business Grow

The hard feat for businesses is to gain loyal customers. To gain brand loyalty, you need to gain consumer trust first. To gain trust, you need to provide quality and build a good relationship with your customers. But what if you’re just starting out? That’s exactly the challenge for brands. It’s almost impossible to win […]

How to Work Around Influencer Marketing Blunders

More companies are working with influencers now more than ever. Influencers are social media moguls. They rule social media empires, and that means they are a huge part of the online culture of this generation. Marketers have said mostly good things about influencers, that they help promote your brand cost-effectively. However, not all influencer marketing […]

8 Lessons from Facebook Influencers

Facebook is a powerful social media and influencer marketing platform. It remains an essential venue for advertisers and marketers because of its sheer volume of users, especially the active ones. Brands are after famous people on the site. No, brands aren’t after celebrities anymore. They are after average consumers who just know how to build […]

Let’s Look into the Top Influencer Marketing Platforms

The right social media platforms for influencer marketing spell the difference between success and fiasco. Marketers plan their campaigns for the greatest probability of success. Of course, you’re that marketer, and you want to know where to put your efforts on to make sure your campaigns succeed. The choice of influencer marketing platform may depend […]

Influencer Marketing Isn’t Just about Brand Awareness

A lot of business people think influencer marketing is a new thing. Well, it’s not. Tradesmen had used it as far back as the 18th century. Back in the day, wealthy elites talking about brands were a thing for advertising, because they were the ones who had influence. Before the social media age, popular people were […]

Your Brand Can Benefit from Small Influencers

We have said this many times: consumers in general no longer trust advertisers. They are deaf to advertising. While advertising is still a major means for many companies to induce brand awareness, its reception is declining among marketers and consumers. What consumers prefer is recommendations from anyone except businesses and advertisers. You read that right. […]

7 Smart Ways for Businesses to Adapt in the Age of Influencers

Influencer marketing became a hot strategy in 2016, and it’s only gaining more prominence among marketers this year. Experts say, this will continue in the coming years due to a number of reasons. One, social media remains a staple digital marketing platform. That means, the top influencer marketing platform continues to remain relevant in the […]

Micro-Influencers Are Changing the Marketing Landscape

When a shoes business tapped a teen vlogger to host a YouTube event, the former gained threefold increase in sales. On top of that, it earned global recognition and became a household name. It’s not luck. It’s harnessing the power of social media influence. Companies have ignored small social media authorities and “celebrities” for so […]