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10 Old Sales Tactics Marketers No Longer Do – Part 1

Selling a brand today is much different from what it used to be 20 years ago. Buying behavior has changed. Media has changed a lot. Advertising outlets that were once hot are no longer hubs for many company today. With these changes came practices that are no longer effective. 1. Making cold calls We were […]

5 Marketing Tactics You Should Stop Doing

Marketing is an evolving industry. It evolves because people’s tastes and preferences and their buying behavior evolve. It evolves because the media on which it’s done evolves as well. It evolves because the whole commercial sphere within which it operates is also evolving. As changes occur, certain things that were once ubiquitous have become outdated. […]

Clever Ways Social Media Marketers Can Use GIFs

We love GIFs (acronym for graphics interchange format). They are already part of the social media culture. They entertain and educate people. Businesses have harnessed the power of these types of files in marketing. With the right strategy, GIFs can help your brand fly. Why should you use GIFs in social media marketing? It means […]

Common Reasons for Sluggish Website Loading Time

Slow website loading time is a bummer. If you’ve stumbled on a site whose pages tend to take several tens of seconds before loading completely, you probably got frustrated before you even found what you were looking for. That’s what your potential audience feel if your website loads too slowly. Any of the following could […]

Social Media Audit: How Should You Do It?

So you have implemented your social media strategy. Now what? No, you won’t sit back and wait for money to come in. Work is just getting started. Many entrepreneurs become bored and then frustrated after trying to do social media marketing for some time and seeing zero results. A few others see inconsistent results — […]

How to Pursue Influencers and Make Sure They Won’t Say No

Being a small business starter grappling with the existing businesses feels daunting. It’s intimidating, and we’ve all been there. Hardly any business owner started without the anxiety, but that’s part of the task. One of your tasks as a newbie is to find people who can help you send your message to more people. We […]

What Are Bad Backlinks, and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

  If you have been into link building for SEO, you probably have had some bad backlinks out there. In the early days of SEO, any backlink was good. But when Google rolled in the Penguin update 5 years ago, bad backlinks became part of a dark history of online marketing practice. Websites that bought […]

5 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

  Just because you don’t have a huge budget for marketing your merchandise or local business doesn’t mean you can just watch big companies eat yours alive. Every successful small business owner has had tough times, but they eventually elbowed their way through to the top. Our first tip has something to do with the […]

Grab Your Influencer’s Attention with the Right Content

You can pay a social media superstar to advertise your brand. Or you can get their support organically. That looks difficult. Well, it’s difficult in some ways, but not impossible. Many companies have attracted influencers without hiring them. Writing to and for influencers is an effective way to get their attention. It may seem like […]

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

  As much as we want to talk about gaining customers through marketing, we also want to tackle an important aspect of customer retention. As customers we run into problems with products and services we consume or use. We also sometimes want to ask questions about your brand. When we call you, we want to […]