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You Don’t Have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

The percentage of businesses that employ digital marketing has risen over the years. More than half of us are including it in our menu. The struggle of many now is having clear and defined tactics. In fact, nearly half of the companies in the country according to surveys don’t have a definite marketing strategy. That […]

4 Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for Better Audience Reception

If you’re marketing your business, you may be compelled to spend most of your time talking about your brand. It seems the right thing to do. Why would you talk about someone or something else? Why would you talk about other things? You should be highlighting your brand or your authority or credibility. That’s true, […]

Content Marketing Isn’t Going Away! Here Are 6 Reasons Why

We’re seeing no signs of content marketing going away. We learned about content generation software, though, none of which ever made traction in business. In the advent of video marketing and the era of memes, it is surprising to note that people still read. But there’s more to that. Millions of people use ad blockers. […]

3 Things Your Marketing Team Needs to Do This Year

Marketing is a competitive industry that is fast evolving. The evolution of digital technology forces marketers to adapt to changes in how the web works and how people are accessing it. It’s not only the technology that evolves but also its users. We’ve seen key changes that forced businesses to tread new territories, and in […]

Facts About Social Media That Marketers Should Know

If you want to gain popularity and influence on social networks, you have to understand how users on each site behave, when they’re most active, and when most engagement occurs. For Facebook, the best days are weekends. That’s when most people are at home. That’s off days for most students and professionals. Facebook posts on […]

5 Reasons People Install Ad Blockers

When Henrik Aasted Sørensen, a Danish student, created the first ad blocking extension in 2002, he didn’t make the tool out of perceived necessity. He developed it out of procrastination. Today, there are several ad blockers for browsers, and hundreds of millions of people use them for reasons that aren’t too difficult to understand. Ads […]

How to Get Sales Through Appropriate Keyword Management

We’re still in the internet marketing age, and in this age words still have that dictating power. The keywords you choose and how you use them are important determinants of the success of your business. If you’re not familiar with keyword relevance, then you’re missing a huge piece in the puzzle. 1. Understand consumer behavior […]

Getting the Data Right for Mobile Marketing

Four in every five internet users own a smartphone. That’s accoding to Global Web Index in a 2015 infographic. Still, there are more PC and laptop owners (91%). A quick look may send an inaccurate picture that more people are browsing the internet on horizontal screens and they spend more time on these devices. Looking […]

Are Ad Blockers Ruining Your Business?

  If you don’t know what ad blockers are, then you don’t know that 200 million around the world are using them. The number of people who have installed ad blocking software or extensions on their browsers has increased by 41%. As the name goes an ad blocker stops ads from loading on web pages. […]

Three-Quarters of Marketing Budgets to Go Digital

More than half of your marketing budget may go to digital campaigns. That’s how we read the Accenture report. That’s what 35% of the senior marketing officers say. But 37% say that digital marketing may eat about 75% of their budget. This research involved nearly six hundred executives in more than ten countries and was […]