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Content Marketing Isn’t Going Away! Here Are 6 Reasons Why


We’re seeing no signs of content marketing going away. We learned about content generation software, though, none of which ever made traction in business. In the advent of video marketing and the era of memes, it is surprising to note that people still read. But there’s more to that.

  1. Millions of people use ad blockers. This was a setback for paid advertisers. Publishers have to wrestle with the reaction to pesky ads that pop up from nowhere. When 200 million people across the globe install ad blockers on their devices or browsers, that means people hate ads. Your response should be to engage your audience by writing for them.
  1. Content marketers get nearly 8 times more traffic. One of your goals should be to become a content marketing leader because being one gives you greater chances at drawing traffic. One way to be a content marketing leader is to regularly write compelling content. Writing with value in mind helps you glue your audience and helps you raise your site’s ranking.
  1. More than half of marketers think personalized content has higher engagement. The IBM Digital Experience Survey in 2015 indicates that 56% of marketers believe that is the case. Content personalization is delivering content based on visitor data, such as their interests and preferences. Personalized content stimulates more engagement.
  1. Content marketing is cheaper than outbound marketing. Statistics indicate that writing valuable content as a means of inbound marketing strategy costs 62% less than outbound marketing. On top of that, it generates thrice as much leads. Today, earning people’s interest is a more powerful approach than buying it. Another plus is higher conversion rates. Content marketers enjoy six times higher conversion rates than non-content marketers.
  1. Most B2B marketers include content marketing as part of the foundation of their overall strategy. We’re talking about nearly 90% of B2B marketers who think generating content works for effective communication with consumers and brand awareness. B2B marketers use multiple tactics, because content doesn’t fly on its own. Content generation should be planned. Distribution should be done on different channels. Content should be varied to appeal to a wider audience.
  1. Email marketing is still thriving. It’s not just thriving. It remains an important aspect of content marketing that returns $38 for every dollar spent on it. If you’re looking to personalized and targeted marketing, nothing is more personalized and targeted than fashioning content for different subscribers or customers.

Because content generation and distribution are ubiquitous and crucial to business, 3 out of every 4 companies hire content marketers to deal with the intricate process of writing and putting copies out there.