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Get More Instagram Followers with These Pro Tips

What we say at Expaus is you should be an Instagrammer if you’re doing business. Why? Well, why not? Instagram is the hottest social media site today, and that remains true whether you’re an artist, a model, or an entrepreneur.

Don’t stress yourself trying to be famous


Fame shouldn’t be your goal. A lot of people have resorted to underhanded tactics that soon backfired because all they wanted was to be popular. It’s a lame motivation. Besides, what’s the point in becoming famous if you end up becoming infamous?

Make your profile public

Now let’s get into some technical stuff. They’re not difficult. Setting your profile to public allows everyone on Instagram access to your profile. It creates a welcoming atmosphere. If you want followers, be public. Be generous enough to share bits of your experiences captured in stills or clips with the public. That’s your first step in building connection with the rest of the Instagram-verse.

Link your Instagram to your other social media accounts


It’s easy to link Instagram to Facebook. You may also notify existing friends or followers on other social networks about your Instagram. Put a link to your Instagram account on your bios or description on Twitter or YouTube.

Follow, follow, follow


Following people to gain followers seems counterintuitive. But if you think about it, it’s one way of telling existing people on social media, “hey, I’m here, check me out.” Besides, following other people sends a sign to them that you’re sociable. After all, being sociable is what being in social networks is about. We’re not saying you follow a few friends. But follow a lot of people.

Post comments


Now this can make or break your Instagram dream. Make rude comments and earn the ire of many people. Make polite comments on people’s photos and video clips, and you’ll have people coming over to your profile every once in a while. Target people who already a large following. That way, you’ll get more people notice you.

Don’t spam


Never ever ask people to follow you

That’s the quickest way to get your account suspended. Besides, it’s really bad for your reputation when you go out there asking people to follow you. It’s like a desperate measure to gain following.

Be interesting

children having fun with a computer

Whatever your field is, whatever your hobby, or whatever business you do, make it a point to provide interesting content for your audience. We love fun videos. We love beautiful pictures of sunsets, mouthwatering desserts, landscapes, gorgeous outfits, and comic memes.

Make your Instagram our window to your life


Let us in for a bit. Show us what you do. No, don’t show us an hourly account of your life. Show us what you do. Show us your hobbies. Are you into sports? Snap your morning stretches. Take a short video of you doing pull ups. Talk a bit about your favorite fitness regimen. We love to learn from people who can show us what they do works!