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Grab Your Influencer’s Attention with the Right Content


You can pay a social media superstar to advertise your brand. Or you can get their support organically. That looks difficult. Well, it’s difficult in some ways, but not impossible. Many companies have attracted influencers without hiring them.

Writing to and for influencers is an effective way to get their attention. It may seem like you can simply write something that they hopefully stumbles on. But you have to be very lucky for that to happen.

Targeting your would-be influencers is a challenging task that starts with a search. If you’re a budding photographer, your influencers may include experts in the field as well as in related fields. So you can look up expert photographers, camera sellers, and enthusiasts. Start with a list and go check them out one by one.

One of the common influencer marketing tactic that we know looks very much like email marketing. That’s when you send emails to your prospects. In many cases, being upfront works. Send them an email pitch. Ask if you can feature them on your blog or if they want to take part in a project.

However, your image is of particular interest to influencers. By the time you “shop around” for influencers you should already have built credible profiles on several channels. We’re not just talking about Facebook and Instagram. You need to have a blog or a website that potential influencers can see.

Once your prospects receive your invitations, they will, of course, look you up. If you don’t have a credible looking channel or site, your chances of getting the approval of your potential influencers are much lower. That is why it is important to build considerable reputation at the onset. Work on putting out valuable content before you even look for influencers.

Attention-grabbing headlines can take your campaign to places. There are several reasons for crafting clever titles, and one is to gain the attention of even the established and seasoned figures in your niche. You’re like doing content marketing, but this time you have key social media personalities in mind. Titles are like huge banners. If they inspire curiosity and intrigue, they’ll lure people, including those with huge following.


Now there are different ways to grab people’s attention with a nice headline. Frankly speaking, the ways have changed. You can put a number. You can tell people you have a list of easy hacks for their troubles. You can make controversial headers. Don’t stop with a good title. Actually, deliver great content!

The last piece of advice that is possibly the most important is to show yourself. Most bloggers and website owners are relatively unknown, working behind the screen.

Attracting influencers involves building trust, and the most important aspect of trust building is giving your campaigns a face.


No, we’re not saying you take selfies. A corporate photo on your website, blog, and social media channels isn’t bad. Better, take professional videos. Do demos. Go live on Facebook once in a while. Make your audience and prospective influencers know who you are.