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How Often Should You Post on Instagram?


Instagram has become a staple platform for most marketers, especially social media marketers. It’s like a crowded room filled with 500 million users. That’s a huge pool of audience. Of course, you’re not going to market to everyone there, but getting even a small fraction of those users, especially those in your country or community is a good thing.

Question is, how do you compete with over 90 million Instagram posts each day?

You don’t!

It’s silly to even think you will stand a chance against that huge amount of posts. No! Focus on how you can reach the right people, those people who can become your customers. Obviously, not all the 500 million users can be your customers.

Post at least once a day.


You cannot hope to have a deep connection with your followers if you post once a week. Instagram is such an active place. It teems with activity. People can quickly forget about you. You’ll be easily passed as a forgettable Instagrammer if you post nothing for days.

Popular brands post photos or clips once or twice a day. That’s the sweet spot. Some companies are doing fine posting 3 or 4 times a week. Interestingly, there are popular companies that post several photos a day.



Social media marketers are good at keeping track of their social media engagement. They know changes can take place quickly. Fans can at some point change their preferences and online behavior.

You have to monitor the health of your marketing efforts on Instagram. Factors you need to check are page engagement, reach, and demographics. Just because you see interactions doesn’t mean you’re doing okay. Not all interactions are the same. You should look at likes, comments, and shares, which signify your posts are drawing interest. Reach is often misinterpreted. There’s total reach and post reach, a key difference between people seeing activity on your page and people seeing your post.

We have to stress the importance of looking into the demographics. Where are your fans from? How old are most of them? Are they mostly males or females? Why do you have to care about these details? Well, each group of people have unique needs and quirks. You can hit the right buttons and appeal to their general preferences if you are more informed.


What successful marketers won’t tell you is the painful secret. Despite cracking the algorithm, despite spending millions on research, there is always that room of uncertainty. In many instances, you are left on your own to fiddle with the system. This is true whether you’re on Instagram or Facebook. Predicting how your followers will respond to your posts and what’s the trend in the near future is a real challenge.