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Mobile Marketing Tips to Make Your Small Business Grow


Many of your customers use tablets and smartphones to check emails, search the web, chat with friends, share selfies, or pass information around. That is why companies invest more funds in mobile marketing. There are many ways to reach your customers on the devices they have at hand.

Monitor site loading time on mobile

Site loading times can vary between devices. You should test your pages if they are loading fast enough on different devices (e.g. desktops, tablets, and smartphones). How fast or slow your website loads is one factor that affects audience acquisition and retention. People are 30% more likely to abandon slow loading websites. That means slow loading times annoy them.

Check how your website looks like on mobile


Social media sites have automated adjusting of their layouts on different devices. So you will see optimized layouts for big screens and small screens. You needn’t do anything to adjust your Instagram posts, for example, for both desktop users and phone users. Instagram has done the job for you. Websites don’t have that automated feature. If you have a website, it’s your responsibility to find out if it looks fine on different devices. If your mobile sites are poorly designed, you’ll lose more than half of potential recommendations.

Reduce image size

We love looking at pictures. But they need not be in their original resolutions on tablets and mobile devices. Note that smaller devices have much lower processing power than desktops and even laptops. That means pages with bigger data will load much slower on small devices. Thus, keep image sizes small. Besides, what’s the use of huge image sizes on screens five to eight times smaller than laptop or desktop screens.

Start SMS marketing


This is a broad topic on its own, but you can start text message alerts. Known companies are doing it. Small businesses can do it also. You can send alerts to your customers about promos or upcoming events. You can ask them to subscribe to your website. You can text a bit about your post and ask them check out your Facebook page for more information. There are a myriad ways to utilize SMS for your business’ advantage.

Write emails readable on smartphones


Most people (79%) read emails on their smartphones. That can only mean one thing. You need to make your emails readable on mobile devices. See if the links in your emails can be clicked.

Arrange mobile payments

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Mobile payments are convenient for you and your customers. Although this form of transaction is not yet ubiquitous, more people are opting for it.