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How Influencer Marketing Makes Your Business Grow


The hard feat for businesses is to gain loyal customers. To gain brand loyalty, you need to gain consumer trust first. To gain trust, you need to provide quality and build a good relationship with your customers. But what if you’re just starting out?

That’s exactly the challenge for brands. It’s almost impossible to win people’s trust from the get go. This is why almost all companies need help winning consumer trust at the beginning. Back in the day, they do this by hiring celebrity endorsers and advertisers. But as people got smarter, brands have to adapt by relying less on advertising and more on measures based on organic relationships.

Influencer marketing is undeniably one of the fastest growing strategies right now. It capitalizes on the sheer power of social media influence. So you have a famous person in your niche. Your audience trust him because he’s fun and he shares posts that are not only useful but also entertaining. If he mentions a product, many of his followers will check it out because they trust his taste and choice. What you want to do is get this influencer to not only mention your brand but also work with you as a long-term partner. You want him to mention your brand from time to time. You want to include him in your marketing plan.

The effectiveness of influencer marketing rests on the fact that influencers are consumers. Their followers view them as consumers, not advertisers or brand endorsers. So when they wear your brand, they don’t look like they’re advocating your brand. Instead, they look like a consumer wearing some random stuff, which their followers look up anyway. The only difference between a celebrity wearing a brand and an influencer doing the same thing is the the amount of trust their followers have for them.

It is this simple difference that makes influencer marketing an enormous success for most businesses. Any influencer marketing agency can tell you how this form of marketing can help your business grow.

Influencers makes you more present on social media.

The whole point of working on your social media presence is to be able to tap into a huge pool of consumers on social media. Four in every five American consumers are on social media. Thus, it makes sense to not only put your brand on social media but to build its presence. Most brands don’t stand a chance against competition by posting content regularly on social media pages. You can pay for sponsored ads and likes. But engagement doesn’t come naturally through this method. If you want to gain followers and engagement naturally, you have to tap into organic influence.

Influencer marketing creates loyal customers.

Businesses find it hard to build customer loyalty on their own for a number of reasons. One, customers don’t trust them. Two, they don’t effectively communicate with their customers before, during, and after sales is made. Three, most businesses fail to develop relationships with their customers.

Having loyal customers is more important than getting customers. You want a healthy stream of revenue, and that’s only possible if your customers keep coming back. Can an influencer help you retain customers? Yes! People trust and respect influencers. That’s why they stay on their channels. Thus, working with an influencer means riding along the trust their audiences have in them. If your influencer is happy with your brand, that sends a message to their followers that your brand is worth sticking to.

Influencers increase your reach.

The chief reason influencer marketing companies are hunting for these key people is to help their clients gain more reach. We want to be upfront about this. The reason we approach social media influencers is because we want more people to know about our client’s business. All it takes for more people to get to know a brand is to have popular authority figures on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook feature it so that their audience will see it.

Influencers have tapped into your market.

If there is one thing you should realize about influencers is they have been talking to your target market long before you even considered influencer marketing. While you’re devising ways to talk to your target market, influencers have been engaging them. While you’re still wondering what campaigns will work, your influencers have been effectively launching social media events that people tune in to. Not only do they know how to talk to your customers but also they are already talking to them. Working with influencers, thus, makes your marketing work much easier.

Ad blockers don’t affect influencer marketing.

One of the strengths of influencer marketing is it bypasses the measures people do to get rid of ads. Consumers have been installing ad blockers on their devices and browsers to avoid ads. If you use ads to reach people, chances are, you’re missing those people who have blocked ads. We’re talking about nearly half of the people online (47%). So why do you still want to invest in ads?

Influencer marketing has high ROI.

It doesn’t matter what we say here. You’ll be asking the hard question: Will I get good ROI from influencer marketing? Statistics indicate that you most likely will. If you’re doing everything right, there’s no reason not to benefit from this approach.

It’s cheaper to work with an influencer than to hire a huge brand endorser. It’s cheaper to implement influencer outreach or market with bloggers than to pay for sponsored ads. We’ve seen the most clever influencer marketers work their way from having zero followers to getting their channels on top of the game by making friends with vloggers and Instagram celebrities. We’ve helped many companies grow by connecting them with micro-influencers in their niches. It doesn’t always take a huge marketing budget. Sometimes all it takes is creative planning and good PR.

Influencer marketing complements other marketing strategies.

Influencer marketing isn’t a standalone initiative, independent of other marketing work. Your influencer marketing strategy is interlaced in SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. The right marketing plan details a multifaceted approach across different platforms. You want wider reach on an influencer marketing platform, but you also want to build content and put your website on top of the rankings, because all these practices work together for your business.