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3 Ways to Avoid Influencer Outreach Blunders

  Influencers have changed our marketing environment. They are leading the game, taking the limelight from advertisers, and are becoming their own brands. That is why influencer marketing agencies in Japan, United States, and other countries are working to put brands alongside influencers. The connection is no longer a slice in the pie of brand […]

Influencers and Brands: Finding the Distinction

One of the challenges of influencer marketing today is the blurring of the line between influencers and brands. When people like Michelle Phan started to launch their own lines of products, they created ripples in the marketing industry, prompting many brands to change their game plan. In influencer marketing, it should be noted that a […]

Are You Getting Influencer Marketing Wrong?

The inception of digital technology changed the way we do a lot of things, and this change is most noticeable in the media industry. The way we effect brand awareness and customer acquisition has changed drastically in the past decade because of the rise of social media, which also gave rise to social influencers. The […]

10 Lessons from Facebook Influencers for Brand Growth

Facebook, the biggest social media site on the planet with nearly 2 billion active users every month, has spawned a multitude of influencers, who are either just lucky or clever enough to see what works on the site. Influencers have a natural talent in communicating with people and making them pay attention. Moreover, they have […]

Questions about Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Marketers have been talking about influencer marketing. Instagram, being one of the most active social media sites right now, has become an important influencer marketing platform. With more than 700 million active users, it’s not hard to understand why brands, big and small, are searching for authorities and celebrities on the photo-sharing social site. Instagram […]

5 Thoughtful Tips for Working with Vloggers to Market Your Brand

Vloggers influence consumers. That’s what recent research tells us. Hence, when we talk about social media influencers, vloggers are a class of people that comes to mind. It then makes sense to include them in influencer outreach. What makes people gravitate towards vloggers? Vloggers are people who make video blogs or vlogs. Most of them […]

8 Truths Only Social Media Influencers Understand

We have talked to so many influencers over the years, and through our talks we’ve come to know about their secrets. Many of these people have become our friends, and because of our relationships with them, they don’t mind sharing a few truths and tips about what it’s like to work on social media. Social […]

Influencer Outreach Gaffes You Can Easily Avoid in 7 Smart Ways

We like to talk about bad influencer marketing practices because they give this strategy a terrible reputation. Any marketing strategy entails goal setting and planning. By the time you approach potential partners, you should have a clear vision. A common mistake is not implementing proper influencer outreach, and this mistakes takes on many forms. Targeting […]

Knocking Down Influencer Marketing ROI Woes

Influencer marketing has become a keyword in marketing circles. It is now impossible to think of digital marketing without influencers in mind. Whether you’re after sales or brand awareness, working with influencers is already an essential initiative. For many clients, influencer marketing sounds like a new thing, but it’s actually very old, possibly even one […]

Influencer Marketing Isn’t New, But Are You Still Getting It Wrong?

Although it seems influencer marketing is a new thing among marketers today, it truly is not. Perhaps it’s better to think of it as a reemerging mode of brand promotion. The truth is, it’s one of the earliest forms of marketing. Brands are changing their marketing strategies. They have to. As consumers change their buying […]