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6 Influencer Marketing Tidbits Newbies Should Know

We love influencer marketing because it takes your campaigns where SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing can’t. Obviously, things have changed in the digital marketing sphere. What used to work no longer works as effectively. Thus, every now and then we look for novel ways to get to audiences. Brands now invariably need the […]

10 Truths We Can Learn from Young Social Influencers

A huge bulk of the market belongs to young people, the millennials. For many businesses, it is a challenge to market to these people, an initiative they can’t disregard because if they do they’re ignoring a big chunk of the market. But there’s more. Millennials are the most active people on social media. Thus, without […]

Why Influence Wins over Inspiration and Motivation?

Marketing is all about influencing people, whether we admit it or not. When you put your brand out there, you don’t just want to show it to people. Instead, you employ approaches that make people buy it eventually. Social influencers are called such because they effect action, which is a hallmark of influence. They change […]

Influencer Marketing — Understanding the Stats

Our clients think it’s not enough to have a social media marketing or content marketing campaign. More and more companies are realizing the inadequacy of the commonly implemented approaches in digital marketing. People are hiding ads. They are also dubious about brands marketing themselves on social media. Does this mean we should just stop marketing […]

11 Influencer Outreach Tips: Influencing the Influencer

It’s now difficult to find successful brands on social media that didn’t work with influencers. We’re confident in saying that right now while you’re reading this companies are actively seeking influencers, people who are trusted authorities in their niches. Finding influencers and involving them in your marketing process is called influencer marketing. Businesses are doing […]

8 Tips to Turn Your Customers into Brand Influencers

  No one is a better influencer than a satisfied customer. Imagine exerting a little effort in influencer marketing because you have customers who naturally become your influencers. Satisfied customers voluntarily talk about your brand and encourage their followers to check it out. That’s the ideal scenario, isn’t it? Wait, what is an influencer? An […]

Instagram and Facebook: Two Influencer Marketing Powerhouses

Social media sites are the hubs for different forms of marketing, including influencer marketing, which is becoming a popular way of increasing reach and engagement for your content. Two of the most important social media platforms in this case are Facebook and Instagram. If you’re a social media and influencer marketing newbie, you’re probably asking […]

3 Social Media Numbers That Truly Matter

Our clients who seek help in influencer marketing are marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, or companies. Most of them have business pages on Facebook. Some have Twitter and Instagram pages. But one thing they have in common is the misconception that social media success is all about followers. We, however, have rubbed elbows with so many social […]

Following and Likes versus Influence: Know the Difference

Follower count is one of the most boasted about metric in measuring social media success of business pages. If you’re into influencer marketing, however, you do realize how less you look at following size than other variables like engagement and resonance. The numbers don’t tell the entire story, as influencer marketing research tells us. We’re […]

What Are the Different Types of Influencers?

Influencers are not made the same. Some have ten thousand followers. Others have one million. Some educate people. Others post entertaining and humorous things. Some are accredited professionals. Others are passionate bloggers. It is important to take note of such distinctions because one influencer may be best suited for your brand than another. A crucial […]