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The Hard Fact about Content Marketing: Shares Aren’t Everything!

We’ve been told that shares determine the strength of your content and the viability of your campaign. It makes sense. If people are sharing your posts, then your posts must be good. You must be getting huge amounts of traffic to your website. That’s not always the case! Exaggerating the importance of shares and not […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing firm is the most sensible option for many companies. Even small businesses and startups seek help from marketing specialists. Since you’re investing money in a team or company, you have to make sure you’re putting money where it works. Hiring marketing companies can be daunting. These people will take care of selling […]

How to Turn Your Customers into Brand Advocates

A few of your audience and customers will not only follow you or be your avid reader and buy your products. They will also become your brand advocates. These are people who love your products or services and have put their faith and money in you no matter what. These are people who find you […]

15 Awesome Reasons to Put up a Facebook Business Page

Business owners are saying Facebook is declining, and it’s becoming useless as a social media, content, or influencer marketing platform. We don’t think it is. Facebook remains one of the most important venues for businesses, big and small alike. It is especially a facile outlet for starters. It’s hard to imagine the marketing world without […]

6 Things to Do on Your Business Page on Facebook

Putting your business on Facebook is not just a necessity. It is a norm. Every popular company you can think of runs a business page on Facebook. They do it simply because everyone else is doing it and absence on a social media giant is a huge setback. There are other important reasons why businesses […]

Why Influencer Marketing Continues to Explode

Influencers are fast replacing advertisers not because they’re cheaper but because people are already cynical about advertisers. This is why companies are after these people. But influencer marketing remains a controversial topic among marketers. This controversy stems from the lack of understanding of this new system. Here is what we can tell you: It’s effective. […]

7 Expert Tips to Find out if Your Content Marketing Is Working for You

Writing has been a basic part of marketing. Again, it’s hard to imagine marketing without articles, press releases, descriptions, landing pages, and blog posts. The purpose of writing is to get people to read something so that they learn about the solutions and information you can offer. When they love what you write, they will […]

Smart Content Curation Techniques to Build Connections and Gain More Audience

We need content. We need to share content with people every now and then. Sharing content is part of virtually every business process that involves generating traffic, attracting following, stimulating engagement, and driving sales. From the point of view of search engine optimization to influencer marketing, the necessity of content is undeniable. How can you gain people’s […]