facebook business page for marketing strategy

15 Awesome Reasons to Put up a Facebook Business Page


Business owners are saying Facebook is declining, and it’s becoming useless as a social media, content, or influencer marketing platform.

We don’t think it is.

Facebook remains one of the most important venues for businesses, big and small alike. It is especially a facile outlet for starters. It’s hard to imagine the marketing world without it. Most businesses would have not seen the light if it were not for this user-friendly social media site.

The reason for Facebook’s relevance for businesses is simple: it’s easy! Using Facebook is a no-brainer. You don’t need technical knowledge. You don’t need to be an expert in IT or internet marketing. Common sense can get you by.

If you’re still wondering why you have to create a page for your brand, read on.

1. Facebook has the most number of users

Creating a business page on Facebook doesn’t guarantee getting a billion followers. No one gets that many followers, not even half of it. But that’s not the point. The point is you are tapping into a larger pool of audience and potential customers.

2. It has active users

Contrary to what some skeptics say, Facebook isn’t going anytime soon. No, people aren’t leaving the social network. It remains an active site with people who post comments and share posts several times a day. You’re not speaking to a deaf audience.


3. It’s home for engagement

There are only a few social networks where substantial engagement is present and felt. Facebook is one of them. Whereas other places are languishing, Facebook remains a place where you can interact with your audience.

4. It’s a hub for influencers and advocates

Facebook is an important venue for influencer marketing for a few reasons. One, potential influencers are there. We’re talking about people who have a large following. These people can help you expand your reach. Even a single mention of your brand in passing can have a tremendous impact to inbound traffic and social media presence. You have to figure out how to get them to notice you, though, and that’s what influencer marketing is largely about.

5. You can get a closer look at your audience

Nothing gets you closer to your audience than Facebook. It’s easier to keep track of them on it than on other sites, like Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. On Facebook, you can respond directly to them. You can send them a private message. They can send you a private message. You can quickly survey what they think about your post.

6. It’s easier to know what they want

You can poll your followers. Ask them about a plan, an event, or a contest. You get to know what most of them want right away. You can’t do that on other sites.

7. A business page lowers your marketing expenses

This is a powerful reason for putting up a page for your brand or business on Facebook. If you have little marketing budget and you’re not tech savvy, having social media pages for your business is your best bet. Creating a page and managing it are easy tasks even casual users can do.

8. Facebook ads are cheap

Aside from the fact that creating and running a business page on Facebook is free, paying for ads is much cheaper. It’s way cheaper than paying for traditional TV or print ads. In addition, Facebook ads are targeted, unlike traditional ads. That means you get more results by being able to target the right audience.

9. Getting a wider reach is less expensive too

You think companies shell out huge funds to have stories sponsored on Facebook? No, they don’t. It’s relatively cheaper to do that. Sponsored Stories show up on the feeds of user’s friends.

You can also boost likes by paying for Page Like Ads. If you pay for 2 cents per Like, then you can spend $1 for 50 likes. 500 likes would cost $10. You can spend roughly $20 for 1000 likes. Remember as your posts accrue likes, they tend to get posted on the feeds of the friends of the people who have liked it, thus organically raising engagement.

10. Facebook Insights allows you to keep track of the data

We’re talking about likes, reach, engagement, and performance of posts. Because you’re using your business page as a marketing platform, it’s your basic responsibility to determine the performance of the page and the posts on it. We always say look at the data and let it guide you.

11. Business pages foster loyalty

Keep posting relevant and amusing content. Keep responding to comments. Interact with people. Make them feel your gratitude. Eventually, you’ll have a loyal audience. You’ll have people who will always like your posts, comment on them, and share them with their friends. When that happens, you have a customer base that’s doing part of the marketing for you. These people will not only buy your products but also offset negative feedback.

12. Other pages may see your page

They may even share your content. They can become your influencers, giving your page a plug by posting a post of yours that got their attention, effectively driving a chunk of their followers to your page. This is an aspect of influencer marketing wherein you’re marketing to and through an influencer, and Facebook is one of the favorable platforms for this.

13. Facebook is mobile-friendly

You don’t have to worry about creating mobile-ready versions of your posts, because Facebook is effectively doing it.

14. Drive website traffic

Most people don’t check out the About section, where you probably linked your website. So don’t just rely on it. Update your followers with fresh content (e.g. new blog posts, articles, and press releases). Write attention-grabbing captions to hook them. We know Facebook is where significant amounts of traffic come from.

15. Know what your competitors are doing

Your Facebook business page allows you to see “Pages to Watch.” It’s conspiring with you to know what’s going on with your competition. It won’t tell you their sales or ROI, but you can go to these pages and see what they’re doing.