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Everything You Need to Know about Influencer Marketing

We at expaus have been talking to clients about influencer marketing for a while. We talk to business people, big and small, old and new, about different strategies that can help them propel their brand. For most companies, marketing with influencers is a novel idea. Some are dubious. Others are interested. But the regard for […]

6 Ways Influencers Make Your Content Fly

If you’ve been reading our posts, you probably know about influencer marketing already. This form of marketing has been fast becoming integrated in digital marketing, particularly in content and social media marketing. It’s about finding key people who can put your brand in front of their audience and in so doing influence their audience in […]

25 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

Whether you’re doing content marketing on your own or you have a dedicated staff that handles it, the process includes planning, research, implementation, distribution, promotion, and evaluation. This intricacy lends itself to imprecision and mistakes. Thus, we spend time in judiciously examining each step to minimize blunders — something we do in every type of […]

How to Know if Your Sales and Marketing Teams Are Misaligned

Most people don’t understand the difference between sales and marketing. Ask anyone if they know it, and they would probably tell you they’re the same. Of course, for the average person both are practically similar. If you think they are essentially the same, we can’t blame you because really both are intertwined. For many businesses […]

5 Ways You’re Wasting Your Digital Marketing Budget

There are different ways to promote your brand. You can launch events where you can talk about your business. You can print flyers and wait outside a shopping venue and give them away to random customers. You can pay for a TV ad. However, it’s impossible to think of marketing without the aid of the […]

8 Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing

Many business owners don’t realize the value of social media for their brand and the reason many successful companies are on it. When you’re on social media, you can build your following, interact with your people, and expand your network. Smart marketers don’t just put up Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages just for visibility. They […]

5 Startup Marketing Tips That Work!

Most of our clients are business starters and entrepreneurs who are having a hard time promoting their brand. Some of them are at the end of their ropes, having spent so much for tactics that didn’t fail them but also broke their bank. We won’t lie to you. Marketing is still challenging, at times off-putting. […]

Selling Your Products on Instagram? Not As Hard As You Think

When it comes to doing business on social media, Facebook is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s the most versatile of all social media sites. Companies do advertising, content promotion, influencer marketing, and other forms of digital marketing. No one thinks of Instagram in the same light, at least not the entrepreneurs and […]

Strengthen Your Content to Build Authority: Here’s How

Apparently, there is still no alternative to content. That’s why we keep writing. That’s why your competitors are still producing articles, blog posts, or press releases because these are still potential drivers of traffic and bringers of consumers to blogs, websites, and social channels. We know content can be anything you see on the Internet, […]