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How to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

We’ve said this, and we will say it again. Instagram is one of the most effective marketing platforms that allow businesses to reach audiences and potential brand ambassadors. Whether you’re using it as a crucial arm for social media marketing or influencer marketing, it’s going to give you a better chance than most other social […]

Bad Marketing Decisions That Kill Startups

Marketing can make or break business startups, and that’s one truth you have to know if you’re about to join the fray. There’s another truth you have to ponder on, not to scare or discourage you, but to give you a rational perspective: Startups are more vulnerable than established businesses. Thus, it makes even more […]

Website Too Old? Here’s Why You Need to Update It

Anyone can agree that the best and most cost-efficient way to promote your business is on the web. This is why it is necessary for any business owner, big or small, to put up a website. However, it’s not enough that you have one. If you leave it as it is for a long time, […]

8 Ideal Facebook Video Marketing Practices

There is no doubt that video is a powerful medium for brands. That’s why all huge companies invest in video marketing on different social media sites. Smaller companies and entrepreneurs are following suit, including video in their marketing menu. We’ve talked to marketers, and many of them agree that video is a compelling storytelling tool. […]

Facebook Video Marketing: Why Your Competitors Are Doing It

Marketing is often visual. It’s hard to sell something through words alone. You have to show something people can see. This is why TV and magazine ads became popular. As the old adage goes, to see is to believe. There is no better way of letting people see you than through a video. The good […]

How to Use Instagram for Your Business

You go to Instagram to share life moments captured in snapshots or videos. But have you thought about using this social media platform to advance your business? It’s an important place both for social media and influencer marketing. Quick Facts More than 500,000 advertisers around the world use Instagram to share their brand’s message. If […]

9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Cut Your Brand’s Potential

Social media marketing is hot these days. It’s a necessity. If you’re not doing it, then what are you doing? Marketers and advertisers are on social media to manage pages, put their brand out there, and interact with their audience. For some people, it’s easy. For others, it’s challenging. Because it can a complicated deal, […]

10 Old Sales Tactics Marketers No Longer Do – Part 2

In the previous article, we tackled 5 of 10 sales tactics that we stopped doing. Here are 5 more outdated things in marketing: 6. Disregarding relationships You can be as impersonal as you want. After all, it’s just business. You don’t seem to see the need to get to know your customers more. However, in […]