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How to Post Content on Social Media to Increase Engagement



Let’s admit one truth. Much of the traffic we get nowadays come from social media. Thus, it makes a lot of sense to invest more time and resources in getting followers in social networks.

Be concise

Generally, social media channels, including Facebook, favor short messages. Why? People don’t have much time to read posts or watch long videos. If you want to say something, get straight to the point. Link your blog or article, so those who want to read more has that option.

Be funny

Humor is very effective in catching people’s attention. Your chances at engaging your existing audience and attracting new ones soar when you post something witty or humorous. Of course, it has to be related to your niche. Don’t just post anything.

Be inspirational

You don’t know who you’re able to help or whose hearts you’re able to warm by posting a life quote or an inspirational message about success or getting by or dealing with hard times.

Vary your content

Variation adds richness to your pool of content on your social media channels. Notice fitness gurus on Facebook or Instagram. They don’t just post workout routines. They also post diet tips one by one. They also share memes. Sometimes they go live while walking their dog outdoors. Doing these things creates multiple dimensions about your business or your casual life.

Recycle content

Whether you are a wedding photographer or someone who does laundry services you must have website or blog content that remains true and practical. Who said you cannot share spring cleaning tips that you wrote 3 years ago? They’re still true and useful this year. Besides, you have new followers who might not have stumbled upon your old posts. Recycling them is not bad. Old but timeless content becomes relevant at certain times of the year.

Share content that followers have loved

Identify posts that had the most likes, shares, and comments, especially positive ones. These indicate that your audience loved them. That most likely means your new audience will love them, too.

Transform articles into infographic content

Why read an article when you can look at an infographic that explains everything in seconds? Sometimes all you need to do to convince someone that something is true is to show them facts in form of a table, chart, or diagram. People aren’t necessarily lazy. We just process information differently now in the age of data explosion.

Schedule posts

Different social media sites have different peak days and hours. You can actually observe which time and days your posts see the most engagement. Choose these most favorable times.

Stop oversharing

You can post only too much until your audience get desensitized. More posts don’t necessarily mean more engagement. At some point, you become irrelevant and a nuisance. Don’t make that happen.