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You Don’t Have a Digital Marketing Strategy?


The percentage of businesses that employ digital marketing has risen over the years. More than half of us are including it in our menu.

The struggle of many now is having clear and defined tactics. In fact, nearly half of the companies in the country according to surveys don’t have a definite marketing strategy. That makes them vulnerable to a lot of risks. No strategy means you have no clear plans and no clear goals. You can’t assess a strategy and figure out if it’s working or not if it wasn’t clear from the get go.

It’s not just about sending emails to random people or putting up an Instagram page. It’s about learning your niche, identifying your audience, tapping into significant networks, providing value, among other things. Each step requires carefully thought out approaches.

Are you social?

Do you talk to your audience?

Do you have an audience?

Do you utilize data analytics?

Do you understand what your competitors are doing?

If your answers to these questions are no, then you most probably have no digital marketing strategy. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. There are still more than 40% of companies who have no clear goals and approaches. Any or a combination of the following could be the reason:

You don’t understand digital marketing.

You don’t know its relevance in today’s marketing climate.

You put the wrong people in your marketing team.

You thought traditional marketing was enough.

You don’t know how to do it.


If you think it’s no big deal, think of the following facts:

70% of emails are now opened and read on smartphones. To give you an example, if you have well placed digital marketing strategies, you can make your newsletters and offerings via email mobile-friendly. That means you can reach those people who are accessing their emails on their phones. It’s not just about getting to these people. It’s also about how email influences their buying behavior. People are 82% more likely to buy your products if they receive emails from you.

A woman and a man having fun on their smartphones outside

Digital marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but produces thrice more sales. People are spending more time on the web and on their mobile phones than on TV and other traditional media. Very few people grab magazines and newspapers now. In addition, it’s much easier to interact with your audience on digital media and platforms. Also, it’s easier to determine your market and customize your marketing strategies based on your audience’s location, age, education, and profession.

Going digital is good for your company’s growth. Businesses that implement digital marketing have nearly three times growth expectancy than those that do not.