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5 Tips for Digital Marketing on Low Budget


Starting a business is one thing. Marketing it is another. A lot of people we’ve talked to had no idea how to go about marketing after spending most of their money putting up their business. Lack of funds for marketing isn’t necessarily a disaster.

One: Create your social media pages.


Back in the day, we would probably tell you to create a website first. But today, people are more likely to find brands on social media. Also, brands are spending more time on social media than on their websites. That is very sensible, considering potential customers spend much of their time in social networks. Hardly anyone is searching for stuff on Google. Only tech savvy folks do that. The rest ask friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Two: Start blogging.


Whether you already have a website or not, it’s important to start blogging. You can have a corner on your website for your blog. You can start a blog if you don’t have a website or don’t have the technical skill to create one. You can even blog on social media channels like Facebook. Blogging is not difficult. Anyone can do it. Blogging, however, is essentially writing, and you have to be mindful of what you write. Don’t be too sales pitchy.

Three: Write industry-specific content.


Content writing and online marketing go hand in hand. In fact, it’s impossible to think of any marketing strategy that doesn’t involve writing content, be it a product description, landing page, press release, or an article. People care about information A LOT. They don’t care about advertising, so the last thing you should write about is asking them to buy your products. Majority of your content should be consumer-focused.

Four: Make videos.


Videos explain reviews, how-to demos, and products better than articles. That’s just the plain truth. In fact, articles with videos in them have more drawing power than plain-text articles. And with the advent of social media marketing, videos, especially short clips, have created their niche. You don’t need professional equipment. Most people record clips using their smartphones. And don’t just make clips. Plan video content strategically. Create short demos. Solicit questions from your followers. Make video responses to those questions, acknowledging the person who asked and then giving a helpful answer.

Five: Make connections.


This can be a multi-layered aspect of digital marketing. Of course, you have to connect with your followers, and by connecting we mean engaging with them. Respond to them. Another crucial thing to do is connect with followers who also have significant following. They can become your brand advocates or micro-influencers. And then make connections with other entrepreneurs and business owners in your industry who are not your competitors. For instance, if you’re a wedding photographer, make connections with eventologists or wedding planners and caterers. Why? You grow your audience that way while making key associations.