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5 Truths Social Media Influencers Know



We at expaus love to answer queries from concerned entrepreneurs and small business owners. We want you to learn the good stuff. So, we’ll talk a bit about what influencers have discovered.

1. It takes time to build popularity.


You can’t become popular overnight, not even in a week. If popularity is your goal for joining social sites, you need lots of patience. Maybe you’re wondering why someone has a hundred thousand followers and how it seems easy for him or her to gain lots of comments on a single post. You thought it was always that way. You never saw the journey of that person. You never saw that moment when he or she only had a hundred or so followers and scant engagement. And so you thought it was easy.

2. To rely on one site alone is a mistake.


People don’t become popular on one social media site only. If you look at social media influencers, they most likely have substantial following on a number of sites. So they most likely have many followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Not only that. They are also active in all of those platforms. If you think you can rock it on Facebook alone, think again. It’s not impossible. There are many Facebook “celebrities.” But you can raise your chances of becoming popular on a social site by being active on others and letting people come to all of your social media accounts.

3. Egotism isn’t for everyone.


Fashionistas and hunks have a lot of followers because aesthetics are lovely. However, this doesn’t work for everyone. People who have strong political opinions attract both the people who agree with and those who disagree, often ending in debates in the comments. We’re not saying these aren’t okay. There is always a place for everything. Certainly, if you’re after building your brand, refrain from talking about yourself or your opinion too much. Create a different page or account for those things.

4. Your audience should be the focus of most of your points.


Audience gravitate to places where people talk about their concerns and issues. They gravitate towards places where they can laugh or be inspired. They gravitate towards places where they can find information relevant to their lives. This is a trick that social media influencers have mastered through time. They know their audience. They know how to talk to them.

5. Sometimes it’s luck.


This doesn’t necessarily negate the first truth. It, however, is somewhat the exception of the convention. You can’t really tell what goes viral and not. Sometimes even a clip of some mundane event has something that sparks social media fire. The next thing you know, everyone’s talking about it. Luck is the unpredictable factor in the success of a content or page in general. Many people accrue followers within a few days after sharing a post that gets passed around quickly. Sometimes you really just can’t tell what makes people tick.