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Exploit the Power of Influencer Marketing in 5 Ways


The importance of social media in shaping the perception of people continues to increase. It’s a telltale sign that it’ll still be a prominent aspect of people’s lives. That’s a good prognosis for influencer marketing, whose core is essentially organic influence on social media. Knowing that, you should consider different ways of putting this strategy to good use.

Establish authority

The best way to establish authority is to not establish it yourself. Let other credible sources work for you. After all, if you told everyone you’re good and reliable, you’ll sound smug and self-entitled, at least in today’s social media climate. People are cynical. People need more than self-made claims. They need others to tell them who’s brand works. That’s why we go to influencers, not paid advertisers.

Broaden your reach

You have to admit. When you’re starting out, you have zero audience. Maybe you have a few, mostly your friends and family who are willing to try your product or services because they care about you. But your brand can’t rely on them alone to fly. That’s why we do marketing, but marketing has evolved through time. What we do twenty years ago no longer yields results like it did twenty years ago. Today, influencer marketing is the thing, the kind of tactic that works to reach to audiences the natural way.

Send traffic to your website

Influencer marketing shares the effectiveness of social media marketing. Essentially both result in inbound traffic when done the right way. Your influencers are very much like marketers. They do word-of-mouth marketing to their followers. Although not all of their followers will go to your site, many of them will because they got curious or they’re intrigued or they simply trust the message of the influencer. When these people flock to your site, they increase your traffic, and this boosts your rank on search engines.


Do content marketing

Google does look at which content is doing well on social media. By doing well means the content is getting a lot of engagement and being shared around. Influencers can post a video or even a message about your brand, and their followers can share the post. It gets passed around for a while. Imagine if a number of influencers are doing that. They’ll be like backlinking to your site organically. This is more like link building done the new way. It gets organic links in place and results in organic traffic from people who willingly visit your website. This is why many digital marketers are integrating influencer marketing into their overall SEO strategy.

Generate leads

Eventually you’re after conversion. What’s the use of having people go to your website to check out your business if they don’t actually do anything else? We’ve seen the common problem plaguing many businesses. They see good traffic on their websites, but boost in traffic doesn’t always translate into boost in sales. This is a major weakness of old SEO strategies. At the end of the day, you need someone trustworthy to tell people your brand is worth checking out.