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How to Get Sales Through Appropriate Keyword Management

We’re still in the internet marketing age, and in this age words still have that dictating power. The keywords you choose and how you use them are important determinants of the success of your business. If you’re not familiar with keyword relevance, then you’re missing a huge piece in the puzzle.

1. Understand consumer behavior


Before buyers make a purchase, they do research. Many buyers now are internet savvy. They google car insurance if they’re looking for car insurance companies. They may refine their searches to look for companies in their own cities. Then they close in on a few websites and compare offers before making their decision.

What does consumer behavior have to do with your keywords. Well, consumers are in different stages towards purchase, and you should meet customers in every step by properly positioned keywords.

2. Do keyword research

This is easy once you have your AdWords account set up. You can look up search terms in your niche and find out which ones have high and low competition and which ones have good search volume. These factors allow you to get a glimpse into competition and consumer behavior.


3. Employ transactional keywords

There are two types of keywords to keep in mind in today’s SEO: informational and transactonal keywords. The former is important for your visibility, brand awareness, and customer acquisition. When you have well position keywords for informational pages, the other thing you should worry about is getting your audience to act. In other words, use the right keywords to convert audience to actual customers or subscribers. Key phrases with verbs like buy, get, subscribe, check out, or, follow.

4. Close in on your targets

We know there are more than 3 billion people on the internet, but you can’t get to all of them. That’s a silly, if not futile, ambition, unless you’re like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. But the rest of us grapple with business people in the middle of the normal curve in business. Most business people operate in their towns or cities. Maybe you have a couple of branches within your state. That means you can’t have the whole country as your market. Also, your brand is probably only appropriate for a certain group of people. If you’re selling cosmetic products, most of your would-be customers are professional women. If you’re a wedding photographer, you’re clients are, of course, engaged couples.

What do these things mean in internet marketing? It means not only should you use generic keywords for your brand, but also you need to make targeted campaigns based on the location and demographics of your target audience. And that’s why demographic and geo targeting of keywords has been in practice.

Keywords are one. Great content is another. It doesn’t matter if you have the right keywords to get inbound traffic if your content is nonsense.