A white iphone and a white ipad next to each other

Just why is Instagram so popular?

Instagram would not have had 500 million users if it were not popular. Let’s admit it. It’s one of the hottest social media sites today. If you’re wondering, read on.

1. It’s social

We’re humans and we love what humans do best, socialize! At its core, Instagram is a social site. Yes, we post photos, but we also connect with each other, posting comments on each other’s snapshots and following each other.

2. We’re nosy creatures

Admit it or not, you want to know what everyone’s doing, where they spent summer, what they’re doing during the holidays, what’s for lunch on your friend’s table, or what Ariana Grande’s up to. We just love to see people sharing personal stuff. That’s what we do in real life situations. We go to a friend’s house and open their fridge to see what’s there. We burst into someone’s closet and look their wardrobe. We love knowing people that way, and Instagram allows us to know what and how people are doing without looking like intruders.

3. It’s free!

Isn’t that obvious? We loved Facebook and Twitter because they’re free. Sign up using your email address or phone number, and you’re done. The same thing is true for Instagram. It’s easy to create an account and post your selfies. You can actually just sign up using your Facebook.

4. It’s mobile

Instagram really caters to people on the go. It’s designed for mobile handsets, so basically it’s the snap-on-the-go kind of social site. This dynamic feature makes it fun for young people, who are basically active and outgoing.

5. It’s fast

Instagram knows who their main users are, teens and young adults. These people have lots of energy. They go out. They work out. They shop, jog, hike, play sports, and so on. These people love to do things quick. They want to take selfies in a snap. They want to record that short clip and post it right away.

6. It forces you to be creative

It’s not mainly a text posting site. It’s not a blog. It’s not even Twitter. It’s kind of a photo-sharing engine, and people want to look good in photos. They want to make their desserts look great on a screen. They want to snap their fabulousness. That’s not a bad thing. We crave for beauty. What’s pleasing is what’s in. It’s not a site for professional photographers, like Flickr, but it’s where most snapshooters are.


7. Why describe your life in words when you can take a picture of it?

Or take pictures of it? All right, enough said.