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Quit Doing These 5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes


Most of the people in your town has smartphones, and most people with smartphones have Instagram. It makes sense to put your brand on Instagram. But like any social media marketing approach, it’s easy to make the following mistakes.

Undefined Goals

The future of your business depends on your goals. What you want to achieve shapes the health of your venture. Your strategies are anchored in your goals. You can’t have well-defined strategies if you have no clear goals. You cannot ensure the success of your business if you have zero sound strategies.


However, the word goal can be misinterpreted. Sure you have that major goal, that is to put your business up there. But that’s a step-by-step process. It’s not an overnight affair. Over the course of months and years, you need to set micro-goals, which are attainable and whose success is measurable.

No link to website


According to Iconosquare’s study conducted in 2015, 7 in 10 Instagram users have looked for a brand on the platform and 6 in every 10 users report they follow a brand because they like it.

One of the key purposes of social media marketing is to generate inbound traffic. If you’re not doing that, you’re basically just on the same plane as any Instagrammer. You’re just posting photos and infographics and clips without getting much in return aside from likes, shares, and feedback.

When you post interesting photos, people will love to know more about you. They will click on your name and see what you’re doing, what your job is, among other things. This is your chance to send them to your website. It’s the next step to converting them from followers to customers.

Private Account


What is the point in making your account private if you want to gain followers? If you want your brand to fly on Instagram, you have to create a public account. Well, here’s the thing: you can create a private personal account and a public business account. It doesn’t have to get easier than that.

No Reply

Users love people who respond. Isn’t it heartwarming to have your question answered or to get even a plain “thanks” for your appreciation? We love people who love us back, not in the romantic sense, but in a gratifying sense. Replies mean you care about people who like your brand and those who ask questions. No one wants to be ignored. We think it’s being rude and ungrateful to ignore followers, especially the active ones.

Too Few and Wrong Hashtags


Hashtags are ways for your target audience to find you. People find you through the hashtags you use. So be mindful in choosing hashtags, the windows that let people see where and what you are. As expected, your posts have greater chances of being seen the more hashtags you use. Not only that, posts with more hashtags have more interactions. For instance, posts with 11 hashtags have 79.5% interaction, as opposed to posts with 2 hashtags (41% interaction).