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You Won’t Make an Influencer Share Your Content Unless You Do These Things

It’s no longer a secret that influencer marketing is a hot strategy. Marketers are talking about it. Many companies have started wondering what it is and how they can initiate it. Early in 2016, we have seen a lot of marketers looking to increase their budget for this strategy to raise brand awareness. We’re talking about 59% of marketers who planned raising their budget for building their social media presence using influencers.

If you’ve done that part, the other thing to worry about is making influencers share your content. It seems we would have to take things one step at a time.

Give them a plug


Of course, you have your own channels on different sites. Use them to call the attention of your potential influencers. Flattery works. Say wonderful things about them or their posts. You can write a blog about them. Or you can spend a minute and retweet their tweet, adding your subtle flattery. They’ll notice you, check your page out, and may even return the favor.

Leave a feedback on their post


It may be a blog post or a Facebook video. It doesn’t matter as long as you make yourself seen in the comments. Write an interesting feedback. No, don’t be critical. Say things you like about the post. Or add something to what was said. In some cases, the influencer will notice you and become interested in what you do. It may not work. You may not actually get their attention, but you surely will get other people’s attention, and that’s the beauty of blog commenting. Write a compelling comment, and you might just attract people to check you out.

Write on their blog


Guest posting is a fairly new means of content marketing. An influencer’s blog is one of the perfect places to show your expertise or to create brand awareness by tapping into their already solid audience.

It’s simple, and this should work if the first two steps didn’t work in getting the influencer’s attention. Contact them. Ask them about you writing a guest post. They will give you guidelines, including topics you can tackle and the format of your post. A lot of bloggers allow guest posts because they enrich the content of their own blogs. If you write an interesting post that drives traffic to their blog and engages their readers, you’ll be on the top of their list for guest posting opportunities in the future.

Write great content


It may be a blog post or a Facebook post. What matters is it’s good, and by good we mean informative and unique. Influencers wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you if your articles or posts are nonsensical or awful rip-offs. These people want to share something worthwhile with their audience. Besides, you have a lot more important reasons for writing good content than catching the attention of potential brand advocates or micro-influencers.